Wipple is the best WiFi Hotspot solution for small business

Offer WiFi for free

Attract new customers now offering free WiFi. Get Likes and shares on Facebook and social networks by advertising your business.

Launch deals

Create and run your promotions, release coupons and discounts, advertise and show your products.

Get new customers

Let customers know about your promotions via Hotspot. They will use your promotions right away or later. Let them share with their friends. You will get free advertising.

Internet connectivity is not included. You need a broadband DSL or Fiber Optic internet access.

Make your business social, inside and outside your store

Send your social contents inside and outside your store through the WiFi. Your customers will share them.

The most powerful Social WiFi Hotspot ever

You will control it by your smartphone, tablet or PC wherever you are.

It’s ready out of the box. You will install it in a minute.

You won’t need any support.


All the tools you need for your social business


Share your social contents

Let customers know about your promos via Hotspot. Facebook posts, videos, pictures, music. They will be played on your WiFi welcome page. Everyone will share them.


Professional marketing tools

Let your business grow with snapshot campaigns, discounts and promotions. Your customers will know instantly about your promotions and use them right away or later. Let people share them with their friends.


Newtwork access analytics

Track every access to your network like big companies. Discover the ratings of your products and drive your business towards success.


Customize your Hotspot with your brand

Customize your WiFi Hotspot with your logo and brand. Improve your brand awareness.

A lot of Apps for you

The first WiFi Hotspot which loves Apps.

Wipple has the right app for you. Whether you want to excel on Social, to do marketing, to introduce your products or simply to offer WiFi to your customers.

A flexible, not expensive and modern system which will let you get the best from your Hotspot and choose which services you need and the ones you don’t.

In our appstore you can buy new Wipple apps and services to personalize your Hotspot and will find a collection of the best apps from other stores to make your social business grow.

He who hesitates is lost!

Thanks to the app, the system is always up to date and allows you to keep up with the times and grow more and more.


Social app and Likes

Apps that allow you to acquire “Likes” on your social pages, to share Facebook posts creating a powerful viral effect.

Marketing App

It allows you to launch targeted promotions, coupons and advertising to promote your products directly to customers.

Wipple Analytics

It allows you to track the ROI of your campaigns, accesses to your network and better target your marketing strategies.

Brand awareness

It allows you to customize your image, your logo to improve the brand awareness among your customers.

Goodbye password!
Happy customers

No more complicated passwords and long forms to fill out for you and for your customers.

They can log-in via e-mail or Facebook profile.

Customer registration should be done only once.
In accordance with privacy policies and public security.

Drive your business

The control panel analysis tools will help you to understand more and more of your customers and to acquire new ones.


The good reasons to choose Wipple

Easy installation and set up

Simply connect the device to your modem / router, register it and you’re online!

It’s safe

It ensures security to you and to your customers. All data will travel on separate channels and will be not visible to customers and Wipple.

Bandwidth limits

It limits the bandwidth to be granted to customers according to your needs without connection slowdowns.

It is legal

It will raise any liability in case of crimes committed in your network and is the guarantor of compliance with privacy laws.

It’s easy and flexible

It is a not expensive and flexible way with high added value. A multiplier of your business with minimal investment!

Cloud System

Based on the most efficient cloud system is able, it is able to guarantee uninterrupted service and data safe at all times.



€ 0*/month

no fee

WEB Promo

Offer valid until November 19

69€* one-time cost
Normal Price 109,99€*

You pay activation only. WiFi router is included**

WiFi Hotspot with all basics functions to get new customers and to be Social


**Loan for use WiFi Router

**The service lasts for 12 months and is renewed automatically plugs. Cost after 12 months ZERO € / month

You can upgrade from ZERO to PRO plan at any time.

* Tax excluded price



-30% WEB Promo

Just € 13.25* per month for a multitude of services

Offer valid until November 19

Normal Price 228€*
(159€ + one-time cost 69€)*

WiFi router is included**

WiFi Hotspot with the best engineered Marketing, Loyalty and Social tools to get new customers and to make your business grow

**Loan for use WiFi Router

**The service lasts for 12 months. Cost after 12 months: 13,25€ / month

Payment as a lump sum (159€*/year).

You are free to switch from PRO to ZERO plan at any time.

* Tax excluded price

Business customer with V.A.T. id. number only



Fast Login via Facebook
Custom Splash page
Custom WiFi name - SSID
Facebook or website Redirect
Share on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram...

Control Panel
Real time customer data
Analytics and Data downloads

Programmable switch-on time
Bandwidth limits
Automatic reports

Secure data server
Secure server customer autentication with SSL certificate

Always updated privacy

Coupons and banners software

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